Design by Old Soul Decor offers specialized design services by Old Soul Decor owner, Krystal Reinhard, and interior designer, Cira James. From Interior Design, Styling and Staging to Project Management and Style Boards, Krystal and Cira are ready to transform your living space.

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About Krystal

Krystal Reinhard, owner of Old Soul Décor, is an artistic and savvy designer that has been surrounded by art since her youth.fig

Born in New York, Krystal Reinhard was raised by a family of artists and carpenters that introduced her to hands-on arts and crafts. She studied art education and studio art, and taught at various schools in the northeast before jumping into the next step of her career: interior design.

Krystal, a self-proclaimed “old soul”, found her true passion in antiques and vintage decorOld Soul Décor was born and found its home at 119 West Market Street in West Chester, PA.

Krystal's mission is to offer design services for every type of old soul. “It’s important to remind people that vintage and antique items have purpose,” she says, “they have a soul to them.” 

About Cira

Cira loves to help people feel the beauty in their spaces, while feeling true to who they are. She makes design approachable and convey a sense of curated comfort and effortless style.cj-to-mando-2nd-try

Aside from a degree in Comparative Literature, she has had previous stints in restaurant culture and elementary & secondary education. Cira holds an Interior Design Certificate from The Sheffield School in New York City.

Under the esteemed direction of Trez Pomilo, lead designer for Sugarbridge Kitchen & Bath, she has gained multi-faceted experience in luxury design.

Additionally, Cira has been trained at the Wood-Mode Fine Custom Cabinetry School, and in high-end appliances at the Viking Range Corporation.