Apotheke founder Chrissy Fichtl’s passion of soap making, scent direction and essential oils are the roots of what created Apotheke in 2011. Beginning with sourcing essential oils directly from farms, she self-taught herself about the beauty of essential oils and soap making.  The finest coconut-olive oil, blended with essential oils and natural citbs-canbotanicals ensures the utmost quality of each bar soap. Hand made in batches, cut by hand and cured for 3 weeks before being wrapped and shipped,  each soap is a luxury in itself.

In the summer of 2012, Apotheke opened their first factory, a 3,000 square foot factory in Brooklyn, New York. Inspired by the hand crafted technique for soap-making, Apotheke expanded into more products including candles, diffusers, body care, and skin care. 

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