Founded by artist and designer Krystal Reinhard, Old Soul Décor showcases eclectic design, vintage and antique home decor, mid century modern, artworks, rugs, lighting, jewelry, and more. Stop into the showroom studio to find a unique curated home collection or thoughtful gift. Now offering a wide scope of interior design and styling services, Old Soul Décor is the ultimate destination for all lifestyles.

The Old Soul space features various vignettes arranged with eclectic combinations of period antiques and mid-century modern furniture. “I love to mix old with new,” Krystal says. “I want people to be able to use pieces they already have, and then pick out something new that can change a room.” 


Reinhard compiles her inventory from estate sales and vintage and antique dealers. Lately, she’s been adding to her “Vintage Line”—chairs, settees, trunks and other pieces re-covered in cowhide, grain sacks and linen. “You won’t find anything else like them,” she says. 

Born in New York, Krystal Reinhard was raised by a family of artists and carpenters that introduced her to hands-on arts and crafts. With a background in art education and design, Krystal focused her passions into creating a showroom that offers vintage design for all. 

Entering Old Soul Decor’s showroom is more than a shopping trip-it’s an experience…and it’s one you’ll have to see for yourself.